Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wars of the Roses using Hail Caesar

Jim of York v. Mike of Lancaster

Both sides had 3 battles of 5 units.
The Yorkists on the left are advancing in a remarkably orderly fashion.  The Lancastrians who have more bowmen are standing and waiting except there is a forward movement of the their horse on the far flank.
York's centre has charged forward but his right hasn't kept up.  On the left, the Yorkists have formed up a defensive position  as the Lancastrian horse advances.
Despite his own presence, York's centre has halted in front of the enemy bowmen.  But his right has charged forward and pushed back the enemy left.  On the far flank, the Lancastrian cavalry charge was beaten off and the flank has stalemated.
The Lancastrian left has been driven from the field and now York's centre is in the action & doing well.
Lancaster looks on pensively as his army crumbles.   His centre is now attacked front and flank & is doomed.  The battle is all over next turn.

This was a quick little battle, all over by 8.40, but great fun.    In this case, Lancaster's reliance on the bow was trumped by York's shock tactics.

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