Friday, April 19, 2013

Hail Caesar - Punic War

John's Carthaginians v. Jim's Romans

Carthage had 4 divisions - one of spearmen + elephants, one of Punic cavalry, one of Gallic warbands and one of Spanish foot and horse.
Roman had 2 legionary divisions & 2 allied divisions for foot and horse.
The Carthos are on the right.  The Romans are advancing their legions in the centre, the Carthos advancing their flanks, both being compromised by bad command dice.
The Punic cavalry on the far flank got carried away and charged way ahead of the next division.  It was engaged frontally by the Allies and hit in flank by Triari.  The Roman cavalry was beaten, but the victorious Punic cavalry was finished off by the Allied foot throwing javelins.
On the near flank the Spanish have advanced too slowly and the Allies oppoiste have slipped left to help out the legion.
In the centre the legions have engaged the Carthaginians & Gauls.  In both cases the Romans got their timing right and got charges in before their enemies could do so.
The Spanish still haven't got into  the action.  The Gauls have broken and the Carthaginans are about to follow suit. It has been an easy victory for Rome.

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