Monday, April 22, 2013

FOW at Barries

Jim's Indian Rifles v.Barries Italian Motocyclisti

 1555 pts Dust Up Mission
The Indians are deployed in & around the wadi in the near corner, the Italians in & around the oasis in the far corner.   The Italian reserves came on in the near RH corner.  The Indians came on in far LH corner.  The Indian infantry from reserve attacked the oasis.  The Italian reserves did not imediately but moved to reinforce the oasis and the centre.

The Indian attack in the oasis petered out but their Valentines moved to the centre & enagaged the Italian armour which retired rather than fight.   An Italian attack over the plateau was beaten off.  Two and  half ours was well gone, neither side had any confidence that they could make a succesful attack, so a draw was agreed.

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