Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Force on Force at Barries

Jim's Taliban v. John's US

We played an introductory scenario, it being John's 2nd & my 1st try at Force on Force.  Barrie umpired.  TheTaliban are in the foreground, the US coming on from the far side.  There is a downed airman in the central house's courtyard the US have to rescue.  We blundered about a bit with the rules, Barrie spending a lot of time looking for stuff in what appears a not too well laid out rule book (his 2nd battle too).

The Taliban got badly shot up, but so did the US and they failed to rescue the airman within the time limit, so a win for Allah.

The rules have some unusual mechanics using varying types of dice - 6, 8, 10 or 12 sided.  I saw no advantage in this - looks like a way of trying to be different with no real advantage in efficiency.  I wasn't particularly impressed with the rules, but have learned not to be too critical on the basis of first impressions - some rules get better when you get to know them.  Barrie's troops and table looked great.

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