Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hail Cromwell: Covernanters v. Parliament

Chris & Mike's Covernanters v. Mark & Steve's Parliamentarians

The newly retired Chris Arthur has returned from the wilderness & was introduced to Hal Cromwell - ECW using tweaked Hail Caesar.  The terrain's a bit boring, but we kept it simple for Chris' first go.
The Covernaters deploy their 2 cavalry divisions on their right, 2 infnatry dvisions on their left and artillery in the centre.
The English also put both cavalry divisions on the same flank - opposite the Scots cavalry.  The English have more musketeers, some better cavalry (2 cuirassiers cf 2 lancers), but no artillery).
The Scots infantry advanced to take the hill.  The English foot stand & a fire fight starts.  On the far flank the English horse first moved left to get away from the guns then advanced to attack.
The English horse initially pushed the Scots back on the far flank, but a flank attack stopped the rot and the English fell back, both having lost 1 unit.
.The cavalry fight ebbed and flowed in attack & counterattack.
The superior numbers of English musketeers broke a Scots infnatry division & the other fell back.  The English Cuirasiers eventually got on top of the game Scots lancers and both the Scots cavalry divisions broke to give the English victory.

The Scots made a mistake advancing their foot into a fire fight against geater numbers of musketeers.   They should have held back to give their artillery a chance to do some damage.  Better command gave the Scots cavalry a chance, but in the end better equipment won the day.

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Phil said...

Great looking figures, a very nice battle...