Friday, March 22, 2013

Hellfire & Back

Cpt Gandhi's Indian Rifles v. Rich's Shutzen Coy

Kingston Kup practice begins:  1555 pts Counterattack mission, Germans attacking. 
The Indian's deployment zone is the near corner, the German's the LHS corner.  There is an objective between the guns in the foreground and another in the sandblow beyond the centre.  The Indians won comfortably in the end, but not without losing almost all their infantry.  A coy tried to move to the central objective, but was cut down to 2 teams by HMG. Pak & Mortar fire form the village.   B Coy in the centre was over-run by German infantry, but did take them with them.   C Coy on the plateau in the foreground saw off a panzer attack with the help of artillery & 2 pdrs then drove back the German infantry following up.  But they were destroyed in turn when they assaulted to try to finish the Germans off.  The heroes for the Indians were their bugs which came on from reserve down the road, helped the artillery clean up the Paks & HMGs in the village then scooted around the village to finish off the German infantry.

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