Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sunday School at Barrie's

John's SSPanzergroup v. Jim's Hungarian Mototised
1750 pts Dust Up mission
The Hungarians are defending the near quarter of the table with 2 infantry platoons, werfers & Pak 40's on the table and Panthers, Zringys, HMGs & Nimrods to come as delayed reserves.  The Germans have 4 King Tigers and 3 Pumas on the table with armoured panzergrenadiers & SP AA to come.
The Germans tried to get it over quickly attacking the central objective with 2 KT's with AA & A/car support.  But the Infantry stiffened with Panzerschreks killed one & beat them off.
When the Hungarian armour came on the KT's fell back to defend the objectives while the panzergrenadiers took up the attack.  The panzergrens hurt the leading Hungarian platoon, but it fell back still holding the objective and the 2nd platoon counterattack destroyed the panzergrenadiers in the wood.  On the  far flank the Panthers & Zringys went around the flank looking for rear shots on the KT's but got smashed.  The HMG platoon rushed up in trucks but was blown away by KT mg fire.  The Nimrods came on late and hid behind the wood on the far left.

Both sides attacks had failed, but it seemed only a matter of time before the German armour crushed enough platoons to win.   The KT's headed towards the Paks, A/cars went on a Nimrod hunt on the far side and the SPAA hid from the Werfer observers behind the central hill.
It looked a cakewalk for the Germans, but they reckoned without the mighty Nimrods.  They charged out from behind the wood, destroyed the A/carsin one volley, then doubled down the table edge towards the objective.  The KT's & AA rushed back towards the objective, but the Nimrods also wiped out the AA and the KT's could get back fast enough.  A surprising win for the revolting Hungarians.

Meanwhile Barrie introduced Richard to the joys of Saga by smashing him with his Vikings.

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