Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday School at Barries

DOGs practice
Jim's Hungarians v. Mark's US in Hold the Line, US defending.
The US defended with a line of infantry supported by artillery with 90mm AA in ambush.  The Hungarians simply attacked the objective with everything they could fit on the frontage.
90mm ambush missed their targets & they were destroyed in a storm of retalitory fire.  The 5.5" artillery took out the Panthers, but with the US reserves didn't show up fast enough to save the GI's on the objective from being over-run.  A desperate counterattack couldn't remove the Zringy's & infantry from the objective.

Saga:  Nick's Vikings v. Richard's Anglo-Saxons.
Barrie initiated Nick into Saga.  It looked like Richard had it sown up when Nick was reduced to just 1 figure.  But it was his warlord & in true Viking fashion he cleaned Richard's on his own to snatch an amusing victory.

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