Saturday, March 02, 2013

Nick in Launceston -- The Return of Starn!

Starn had been absent for the last year. He gave some weak excuse about university study etc. etc. But last week he poked his nose in at the club -- just long enough for us to rope him in to playing again this week. And we got him hooked enough he went and bought the Version 3 flames of war rules.

Andyway, Starn and I played a 1500 point late war game. Starn was Russian Strelkovy, I was a German StuG Batterie, and the mission was dust up.

Both players started with the infantry holding an objective with Artillery support. The German artillery looked rather weak -- 3 guns vs 12. But Starn had his usual dice rolling difficulties, and none of his troops managed to dig in. Very quickly the German airpower (some Stuka G planes armed with 37mm cannon) and the German artillery managed to start whittling away at the Russian Artillery. Things were going well for the Germans until the first Russian reinforcements arrived - a platoon of 3 KV-85 heavy tanks. This was followed in rapid succession by some SU 122's and a company of infantry.

There was a chance to really damage Starn's attack force -- the SU 122's were in a nice bunch when a flight of Stuka's arrived. But a flurry of 1's on my behalf evened out the die rolling for the night :)

The German reinforcements arrived on the other flank -- 6x StuG G and 3x StuH 42. A race developed -- who could kill the others flank first. But Starn won -- the Germans just couldn't touch the KV 85's, and when the Russian infantry started using their flamethrowers it wasn't pretty!  A 4:3 win to Starn.

It was actually a great game, with the Russians bleeding everywhere, but able to roll over the objective regardless.  And it was great to see Starn back after so long!

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