Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bolt Action Cancon Practice

Jim's Germans v. Chris' Soviets
1000 pts, Hold Until Relieved Scenario

The Soviets are defending a single objective in the centre of the table - the flock of sheep in the field.  They had 2 units near the objective at the start, half the rest in a first wave coming on in turn 1 and the rest in reserve coming on after turn 1.   The Germans could deploy anywhere more than 18" from the objective, or any deployed enemy.
The pic is taken part way through turn 1.  A German infantry section had rushed into the house on the left, but the Soviet guard smg section retook the house.  The Germans lost a unit, but were consoled by some losses on the Soviet Guards and the fact that they had been drawn away from the objective.
The Germans are advancing on the objective.  The Soviet Guards have come back out of the house & Soviet reserves are coming up.
The Germans advance on the right was stopped by Soviet fire (though their Panzerschreck got the SU-76).  The German mmg in the church tower did a good job spreading pins about before it was destroyed by the Soviet mortar.  In the centre, the Soviet Guards were pinned down and destroyed by the Panzergrenadiers supported by the Luchs.  An inexperienced Soviet infantry section came up & tried to attack the Panzergrenadiers, but they too were destroyed.   The Soviet infantry on the road by the objective had been weakened, & was finished off by the Luchs.  A last Soviet charge on the objective was also cut down before it got there.

The Germans won comfortably in the end.   They maintained their aim on the objective while the somewhat piecemeal Soviet counterattacks were picked off.

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