Saturday, December 28, 2013

Practice for Bolt Action at Cancon

Chris' Soviets v. Jim's Germans

Point Defence Scenario:  The Soviets won the dice off and elected to attack.  The Germans chose to defend the far side of the table.  The 3 objectives are in the 3 cornfields nearest the far side.
The Soviets put their guard smg squad and their T34 on flank marches.  The rest advanced on abroad front.  The Germans deployed infantry on each objective and their howitzer, mortar & mmg on the right.   Their armour & anti-tank assets were kept in reserve.  On turn 3 the Soviet smg squad came on halfway down the left side.  The Luchs & veteran infantry squad came on help defend the left.  The Soviet guards got the drop on the German vets & destroyed them.  The horde kept on coming, over-ran the RH objective and the Luchs pulled back.
On the other flank, the T34 came on turn 4.  The Germasn brought heir panzerschreck on but it missed.  But the infantry squad's panzerfaust came with sixes & the T34 was destroyed. 
With the T34 gone, the German defences on the right easily stopped the Soviet attack there and provided support for the centre.   Despite getting the extra turn 7, the Soviets couldn't take a second objective.  So with 1 objective taken the battle was a draw.   It was tense struggle between two tough forces.  We timed the game at only 1h 40min, so well within the Cancon 2.5h limit - even with a lot of looking up to make sure were doing stuff right.

Both Jim & Chris are going to Cancon to play Bolt Action next month.  The lastest bulletin from the TO told us it was booked out with 40 entries.


Shane Madden said...

How do you think Bolt Action will hold up for tournaments Jim?
I haven't played it and don't know enough about it to form an opinion either way but would be interested in your thoughts and definitely keen to see an AAR after the event.
Cancon is a definite for me 2015 but what isn't so certain is what tournament I will be playing :)

Jim Gandy said...

I'm intrigued myself to see how a BA tournament will go. I think the rules are basically good apart for a few weird bits. I'm looking forward to finding out what the guys on the big island think of those issues, & how they play the game. I will be making a full report on the blog.