Monday, December 09, 2013

Monday afternoon Bolt Action Armour

Chris's Soviets v. Jim's Germans

We played a practice match for the Cancon 1250 pt armoured platoon comp.
 The village is the objective with the Societs coming on from this side, the Germans from the far side.  In the first 2 or 3 moves the Soviets got infantry into the low house between field & church & an mmg into the house on the right.  The other 2 infantry squads & the armour followed up.
The Germans got their infantry into the church & concentrated their armour behind the trees to the right of the church. 
The Soviet infantry in the low house were blasted away by German fire.  The Grenadiers rushed over the road and took the house, but the Soviet regular smg squad retook it.  Meanwhile the armour piled into the village started slogging it out.
The German mmg in the church again cleared the Soviets out of the low house, but they were replaced by the 3rd Soviet inf squad.  Then the mortars of both sides got on target & all the infantry of both sides got smashed leaving only the armour to slog it out.   The regular Germans gradually got on top and destroyed the inexperienced Soviets. 

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