Friday, December 20, 2013

Nick in Launceston

Flames of War -- Early War. Ben with French vs Russ with German.

The French had an armoured force. And it was stunning! Fantastic painting by Ben. The Germans also had an armoured force -- with average painting by me. The mission was cauldron, with the Germans defending.

The Germans put pioneers on the objective, and an '88' behind them, while waiting for their armour to arrive. The 88 did some damage, knocking out a platoon, but it was overwhelmed. The Pioneers were rock hard -- the French were rightly scared of them. The German tanks arrived, and a gun duel started between a platoon of Panzer III E's vs a platoon of Somuas. However, the French won the duel in style -- all of the Panzers bailed (except for one that was destroyed), and they then failed their morale and ran. At this point all the German heavy hitters were dead, and the Germans conceded.

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