Friday, December 27, 2013

Hail Caesar: Rome v. the Germans

Mark's Romans v. Mike's Germans

Mike's Germans are on the right, Mark's Romans on the left.  There is another Roman division in hidden deployment in the gap, but neither side made any real use out of the hidden deployment system.
The Romans have charged forward with their cavalry in the foreground.  The German right is advancing, but their centre has been delyed by a blunder.
The Roman's 2 heavy & 2 light cavalry quickly smashed the Germans 4 medium cavalry units leaving the German infantry's left flank exposed & their commander rather rattled.   The Germans left some warbands behind to cover their flank & continued to advance. 

On the far flank they charged home ignoring the Roman bowmen in the fields on their right.  The Auxilia held the charge and the Roman archers charged the Germans flank. 
The German's right flank division has broken under the flank attack. Their attack in the centre was so weakened by the need to cover their left flank that it did not break through and the Romans are counterattacking in the centre with superior numbers.  With 2 divisions broken, the other two on half strength & their camp undefended the Germans conceded the battle.

The Romans had good fortune to win the cavalry fight quickly.  The German command then seemed to become demoralised, fatalistic and unable to come up with another plan.  The German army became disorganised and their defeat inevitable.

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