Thursday, December 19, 2013

English Civil War in Scotland

Jim's Royalists v. Chris's Covenanters

Each army has 3 divisions.  The Covenanters are on the far side.  In the first turn they made a small advance in the centre, but failed command on their right.  The Royalists have advanced slowly except for the highlanders who have dashed forward on the left & got their line disrupted by the orchard.
The Royalist have advanced their left & centre, but didn't quite charge home.
The Covenanters charged the oncoming highlanders beside the church & broke one unit and pushed another back.  Montrose's Irish have charged in the centre and smashed a hole in the enemy line.
The highlanders are losing on the left, but slowly.  The Irish have all but broken the enemy centre.  The Scots Royalist P&S have had mixed fortunes, but hold the line right of centre.  The Scots right is advancing just enough to keep the enemy left occupied.
The Royalist horse sensed their time had come, charged and smashed through their opposition.  The rest of the Covenater's left flank division is circled by Royalist foot & are doomed.   The Highlanders are broken on the far flank, but they have tied up the Covenanter's strongest division long enough.  In the next turn the Covenanter's left broke & with it the army.

The Royalists won by tieing up the strongest Covenanter division with the highlanders while their mad Irishmen smashed the enemy centre then wheeled right to compete the victory.

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