Friday, December 06, 2013

Nick in Launceston -- Force on Force intro

Dennis taught me force on force using his beautiful 20mm moderns.

We played the intro scenario that Dennis downloaded off the web -- a US patrol must rescue a downed pilot before the Taliban get to him. Lots of Taliban, and a few US troops. I was the US, and I started off the game with a flurry of 8's (The US use D8's, the Taliban use D6's. Shots are opposed die rolls, so the US has to roll higher than the Taliban to make a hit. Obviously, 7's and 8's cannot be beaten). By the end of the first turn almost 1/4 of the Taliban were dead. From that point it was all downhill for Dennis -- even if I made a stupid move, he was so far behind the eight ball that he couldn't catch up!

The game was fun and simple. We obviously ignored some of the chrome. But I am now hooked. Yet another addiction -- just what I need!!!!!! Although I am doing force on force in 15mm, so I can reuse all of my North African WWII terrain.


John Lambshead said...

My experience of this game is that small numbers of elites blow away near infinite numbers of militia. Not so much fun for the militia player.

Denis Kosta said...

The key for the irregulars is to focus on objectives, not engaging the regulars unless they have superior numbers.

That often means clever maneouvre to deter the regulars rather than directly engaging them.

With truely elite troops (D10/D12) you have to stick to scenario parameters because they will just go through the Taliban with ease.