Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Maharajah 2013 2nd Preliminary Final: Rome v. Seleucis

Mike's Marian Romans v. Steve's Seleucids

This the 2nd preliminary final with the winner to fight Jim's Pontic army in the Grand Final.
The Seleucids are on the left waiting for the Romans.  Cavalry on the near flank, phalanx right centre, mixed infantry left centre & the zoo on the far flank.   The Romans have advanced steadily with 2 legions in the centre with cavalry on the near flank and Scutari on the far flank.
The first clash was the cavalry on the near flank. 
The Roman cavalry is getting the worst of the cavalry melee, but is not broken.  The legions have charged the phalanx, but their right was overlapped & a flanking counterattack from the right is hurting them.
The cavalry fight has turned into a desultory fire fight.  The legions have fallen back a bit & repaired their line in the centre.  The Scutari are keeping the Seleucid left occupied.
The Romans are advancing to renew their attack left of centre.  There is desultory action along the rest of the line.
Steve's left flank division may not be particularly powerful, but it sure looks good.
On the far flank, the Scutari have seen off the chariots & driven the elephants back.  On this flank, the Roman cavalry drew back in the face of superior shooting, but left an opening for a cavalry unit lead by Seleucis himself to charge the Roman centre.  Attacked from both sides, that legion was broken & has been removed.  The other legion had pushed the phalanx back, but it hasn't broken.  
The Roman cavalry has been broken but a Scutari unit made it to the camp before the Seleucid cavalry could get there & gain the extra VP to finish the battle.  The Romans are reduced to the battered Scutari division on the far flank and one legion which having just failed to break the phalanx is now getting surrounded near the enemy camp.   The Scutari did make a last desperate attack & broke the elephant division, but soon after that the Scutari also broke - finally ending an epic struggle.


Anonymous said...

thought the elephants had a stamina of 6 which we forgot and used 4 as the the orange marker

Jim Gandy said...

Elephants are 6, chariots 4, but I was umpiring at the other end of the table.