Friday, November 08, 2013

Thursday afternoon Hail Caesar

Chris's Carthaginians v. Jim's Spanish

Chris & Mark were supposed to fight their Maharajah Trophy battle this afternoon, but mark couldn't get away from work so I gave Chris  practice game instead.
The Carthos are on the left. After two turns the Spanish cavalry is almost onto the Punic horse but the rest of their force - two divisions of Scutari in the centre & a Celtiberian division on the far flank have so far only advanced their skirmishers.    The Punes have advanced their Gauls in the centre with their Spanish allies behind while their Citizens & elephants are hanging back behind their skirmishers.
On the near flank, the Spanish horse got a bit overconfident and took on the end of the infantry line as well as the horse.  Their mistake was covered by the 6 saving dice on the table - yes 5 6's & a 5.  The Gauls have charged home on the Scutari.  The Celiberians are closing on the Africans.
The Spanish cavalry has built on their skilful dice throwing to break the Punic horse.  The Gauls hit the Scutari hard, but the line held, the Scutari fought back & the Gauls have broken.
The Punic Spanish allies are holding up the Spanish cavalry on the left.  The Scutari have had heavy losses and are regrouping.  The Celtibarians have had some success, but are running out of steam. 
 The Punic Spanish are still holding their own v. the cavalry as well as advancing in the centre.  The Africans have broken the Celtibarians & are trying to swing to their right to attack the Scurai.  They are delayed by the need to do some rallying.on the foot.  The battle has been in the balance for some time already.  The Carthos have lost 2 divisions, the Spanish only 1, but all divisions have high casualties and are liable to break and both sides have troops close to the enemy camp if only they can break through. 
The battle has turned 45 degrees. The Spanish allies are still holding the line while the Africans slowly sort themselves out and advance.
The Spanish cavalry have finally lost the fight against the Allied javelins and the African spearmen have finally got up close & broken the right hand Scutari division.  It was a close battle with the result in the balance for a long time but the stout resistance of the Spanish allies won the day against their countrymen. 

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