Friday, November 01, 2013

Nick in Launceston -- Dogs of War practice

Had a playtest of one of the domination missions. 1850 Russian Tankovy (Nick) vs SS Freewilligen (Starn). The scenario was as bad as it could get for the Soviets. For the first two turns they had nothing on the table except for the CinC, as all platoons with Tank teams started off the table. Then they had to face Panthers and Tigers. It looked to be a walkover.

But the Soviets had some extraordinary luck. First, one of the German Tigers was bailed, and refused to remount for 3 turns. And the Pak 40s whiffed when shooting at Katyushas in the open. The Russian tanks overran one German infantry platoon, then killed the Tigers and overran the Pak 40s. Suddenly, the Germans had enough domination points to win, but had lost enough platoons to break. The whole game came down to a single Company Morale test. As usual, Starn managed to roll a '1'.

On the other table there was another practice match, with a balanced Russian force vs a horde of big cats. The Russians managed a win there too -- it was all over and packed up well before my game was finished!

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