Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hail Caesar: Sunday Afternoon Punic War

Mark's Carthaginians v. Jim's Romans

Mark used Chris' Maharajah army v. Jim's Republican Romans.
The Romans on the left have 3 legions each 4 Hastasi/Principes, 1 Triari, 2 Velites with the flank divisions both adding 1 light & 1 med Cav.
The Carthaginians have Spanish on the near flank, African infantry in front of the camp, then Gauls & Punic cavalry on the right.
Initially, the Romans send out skirmishers & wait.
The Romans are advancing their centre in reaction to the inverted V of the Carthaginian advance.
The Romans counterattack on the left. 
The photographer got a bit engrossed & missed a lot of action between shots.  The Punic cavalry has been stopped & bottled into a pocket by cavalry and infantry.  The Gauls & the elephants have been broken.  This left the flank of the African spearmen exposed and they too are about to break.  The Spanish are making progress, but the Roman right is still delaying them.
The Romans have smashed through the Carthaginian centre and reached the camp - the Carthaginians have conceded.

We used small units for the Romans to represent the manipular system - a subject of some discussion on the forums where some think that the small units give the Romans an excessive advantage.  The Romans certainly won this one comfortably, but they exploited a discontinuity in the enemy line to break first the Gauls, then the Africans and break their line apart - grand tactics that would have worked just well with standard units. 

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