Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Maharajah Trophy 2013: Hail Caesar

Jim's Pontic army v. Chris' Carthaginians

The Carthaginians are on the left.  Their divisions are: Spanish on their right, Gauls right centre, Carthaginian foot & elephants left centre & cavalry on their left.   The Pontic army has cavalry divisions on both wings & 2 infantry divisions in the centre.
The Pontic army is making a steady advance - all divisions moving forward slowly.  The Carthaginians have their centre advanced.
The Ponts sent foot archers forward to fight the elephants.  They disordered one, but were driven back by the other one which caused am unwanted kink in the Pontic line. 
The archers have fallen back from the elephants as the Pontic cavalry advance to outflank the Punic spearmen.  The Pontic horse failed to get the command dice required to charge into the flank and left their own flank exposed in the process.
The Pontic gamble on the far flank did not come off.  The Punic cavalry got the 3 moves they needed to hit their flank.  In the centre, the Gauls charged the phalanx.   The phalanx closed ranks & stopped the rush.  On the near flank the Spanish allies have held off the first Samartan cavalry charge.  
The Pontic cavalry is in dire straits, but has not broken.  The Punic spearmen are preparing to attack the end of the infantry line.  Half the Gauls (off pic to the left) have already broken, the others are hard pressed. 
The Spanish division is in deep doo doo as infantry hit one end of the line and cavalry wrap around the other end. 
Somehow the Pontic right is still there.  The cavalry is hanging on and the levy bows on the end of the infantry line followed good Closing Fire that disordered the spearmen with some more hot combat dice.  With the Gauls gone the phalanx is wrapping around the flank of the spearmen.
The Spanish have broken and a horde of Ponts is charging towards the Punic camp (which would be the 3rd VP needed to clinch victory).
The last straw for the Carthagians was when levy archers broke the spearmen at the end of the infantry line.
The Carthaginian infantry have now broken under the converging assault of the phalanxes (& the ferocious defence of the levy bowmen) while still the Pontic cavalry hold on.

The battle ended up as crushing Pontic victory, yet at one stage that result looked anything but likely as the Pontic right was in grave danger of being rolled up.  But Mithridates kept his cool, played for time on the right and maintained the attack on the left.  As the Pontic counterattack gained momentum the dice gods decided to change sides & it help out.  In the last few turns the Carthaginians couldn't take a trick and it all feel apart very quickly.

Next Maharajah battle is between Mike's Marian Romans & Steve's Seleucids - winner to play Jim's Ponts in the Grand Final.

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