Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Maharajah Trophy 2013 Match 1

Barrie's Artaxiad Armenians v. Mike's Marian Romans

The format for the Maharajah this year is Hail Caesar classical period.  Armies of 4 divisions 720 pts (including command points of 20, 40, 60 for CR 7, 8, 9 resp).  Army break test - break on losing 3 divisions, counting the camp as a division.  Each side to have a camp in the middle of their rear table edge.  Flat terrain (for a level playing field).  Initial deployment using our chits with dummies.
The Armenians are on the left.   Only their infantry has advanced - their right flank cavalry had blundered backwards.  The legions have advanced in the centre, their flanks too have held back.
Both side's flanks hurry to catch up, but both legions are lined up against one of the Armenian infantry divisions while the Amenians right flank cavalry are way out of the action. 
On the far flank the cavalry fight is indecisive.  Right of centre the legions are pushing back the Armenians.  Left of centre the Roman's Spanish allies are doing pretty well.
The cavalry fight on the far flank is still win some lose some for both sides.  The legions have the upper hand right of centre.  The Spanish have had some success but are running out of steam & are about to be outflanked.
The cavalry fight has stalled as both sides rally their survivors.   The legions have destroyed their opposition.  The Spanish have fallen back.  The Armenian right is still dithering about.
The cavalry fight has finally been resolved in the Romans' favour.  Two cohorts are marching unopposed towards the Armenian camp.  The Armenian right flank horse had blundered back yet again.  The Armenians concede the battle.

Barrie suffered bad command dice, but failed to adjust his plan accordingly.  He should have held his centre back for the cavalry to catch up.  Once in combat his dice were pretty awful and he never recovered from the initial set-back.

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Phil said...

Nice report, a great looking table!