Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maharjah Trophy: Chris v. Mark

Chris' Carthaginians v. Mark's Spanish

Round 2 of the Maharajah Trophy 2013 (Jim & Steve umpiring).
The Carthaginians are on the left deployed with all their horse on the near flank, their Spearmen & elephants on the far flank and Gauls in the centre with their Spanish Allies behind. 
The Spanish have their cavalry on the near flank, their Celtiberians on the far flank and 2 divisions of Scutari side by side in the centre.
 Initially, the Carthaginians let the Spanish come to them.
The first clash was on the near flank between the cavalry.  The Carthaginians lost the fight and quickly leaving their right flank exposed.  The only saving grace for them was that half the enemy cavalry was left shaken.
On the far flank the Celtiberians didn't quite make contact with their charge & failed to much damage with their javelins either.
In the centre the Gauls are now advancing.
The Spearmen & elephants have charged the Cetiberians on the far flank.  Thing are about to happen in the centre.  The Spanish cavalry is not getting far with reorganising.  The Spanish Allies have redeployed to protect the flank.
The Celtiberians are getting beaten on the far flank.  The fight in the centre has started.  The Spanish cavalry have done nothing much useful.
The Celtiberians have broken.  In the centre the Scutari broke a Gallic unit, but the nearest one broke their opponents and followed up to break their supports.
The 2nd Scutrai division right of centre has smashed a warband and a supporting Spanish unit, but now finds itself flanked by the Spearmen & elephants.  The 1st Scutrai has broken and the warbands are gleefully rushing towards the undefended Spanish camp.  The Spanish cavalry has totally failed to make anything of their initial success.  The Spanish have conceded as they have lost half their divisions & have no hope of saving their camp which will count as another point to break the army.

In the next round of the Maharajah Chris's Cartaginians will be taking on Jim's Pontic army. Mike's Marians will be fighting Steve's Seleucids.
An example of why I love living here - the other day I looked up from my painting table to see a U-boat going by the wargames room window.

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