Sunday, November 03, 2013

Hail Caesar in 15mm at Barrie's

Barrie's Artaxiad Armenians v. Jim's Imperial Romans

This was a practice battle for the Maharajah.  Barrie trying out his list for Maharajah, Jim using an army he doesn't often use - Imperial Romans.  Steve umpired.  We found a match in frontages between Barrie's 15mm & mine at about 120mm.  We reduced the scale by 2/3 so infantry move 4", cavalry move 6", bow range 12", javelin range 4", etc.  The table's 6' square.
Barrie is deployed on the far side of the table in a huddle of 2 infantry divisions of phalangites & imitation Romans with a heavy cavalry (mostly cataphracts) division behind.  His other cavalry division is detached on his right flank.
The Romans deployed traditionally, with 2 legions in the middle & and a mixed auxiliary division on each flank.
The Armenians charged forward with their cavalry on the left .  They broke the medium cavalry but legionaries from the centre arrived in time to save the rest of the division. 
On the other flank the Armenians sent their cataphracts out down their left flank and advanced their infantry as best they could.  The Romans send out bowmen to delay the advance and refused their right.
 On the far flank both sides have had wins & losses with no decisive result.  But only half the LH legion was committed there, the other half got a good command roll to attack the exposed flank of the Armenian infantry in the centre after it was pinned by part of the RH legion.  Two Armenian infantry units were swept away before they stabilised the front.
On his right, Barrie was learning the hard way how slow cataphracts can be.
On the left the Romans are getting the upper hand over the cavalry. 
In the centre, the weakened Armenian infantry division is falling back in front of the legionaries while the intact one tries to come to the rescue.
On the right, the odd disorder hit by the bowmen is helping to delay the Armenian advance.
 Roman skirmishers are heading for the camp as the LH legion closes in on the Armenian infantry. 
On the left, the Armenian cavalry has finally broken.  Roman skirmishers are pillaging the Armenian camp.  The end phalanx is about to break to break an Armenian infantry division.  That's 2 of 4 Armenian divisions broken, plus the camp lost = army broken.

A very enjoyable battle.  Barrie's plan was flawed in leaving his cavalry on one flank isolated & the powerful cavalry on the other wing with too far to go. The Romans exploited the gap between the two wings - taking full advantage of a fleeting opportunity to outflank the Armenian foot.  They took a risk in getting between two forces, but got away with it.

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fireymonkeyboy said...

Nice dog's eye view of the game, sweeping and panoramic.