Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Afternoon Bolt Action

Jim's German Panzergrenadiers v. Chris' Soviets:   1250 points with armour

The Germans had 2 infantry squads, medium mortars, Schreck, 1 Stug, 1 Marder, 1 MkII & 3 Hanomags - all Regs.  The Soviets had 3 rifle squads, 1 smg squad, a/tank rifles, heavy mortar, MMG, 2nd Lieutenant, Commissar, 1 T34/85 & an SU76 - all Inexperienced except for the Reg smg squad.
The Soviets are on the far side.  They have infantry in the far wood & behind the houses.  The smoke behind the house is a burning Soviet truck popped by the Stug, but the infantry bailed out intact.  There is a T34 beyond the village.  The other T34 & the SU are on the ridge with the other Soviet support weapons.
The Germans havecome on in two columns, infantry in Hanomags down the road with the Stug & MkII.  Their mortar is on the left with the Marder & the other Hanomag with the schreck.
On the left the Marder & Schreck popped the T34.  In the centre the Soviet infantry grabbed the 2 houses.  The Panzsergrens deployed behind hedges.  The Hanomag in the village was assaulted & destroyed by the smg squad who then went back in the house.   The Soviet armour got the MkII
The village the Germans poured fire into the LH house while the Soviets hammered the forward Panzergrens.
The Soviets in the LH house have been broken by concentrated fire from Panzergrens, Hanomags & Marder.  The foreward Panzergrens have been destroyed by MMG, mortar & tank fire.  The Stug has advanced & popped the T34 & immobilised the SU76.
Having disposed of the infantry in the LH house the Germans concentrate on the smg squad. It evaculated the house to escape mortar fire only to be mown down by Hitler's buzzsaws.  the Soviet infantry on the far flank came out too late to help and were stopped by the Marder & Hanomag.  

Win or lose we both enjoyed the battle.  The Soviets looked formidable and made early gains, but they didn't maintain the pressure & the Bad Guys struck back. 

Comparing this battle with the Chain of command battle last Sunday only confirms the opinion expressed in my report comparing COC & BA.   Playing COC on Sunday I was all the time thinking about how to get the best value out of the command dice.  In BA's simpler system I feel I'm spending my time thinking about the tactics rather than the system. 

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John Lambshead said...

Interesting comparison between the two systems COC and BA.