Friday, November 15, 2013

Nick in Launceston

A full house at the club tonight, with games in 3 rooms.

I played a Flames of War game vs Ben, who can only make it occasionally. 1750 points Late War -- Stug Batterie (me) vs US 2nd Armour (Ben). The game was 'pincer'. Unfortunately, 1/2 of Ben's army was off the table to start with, and it never arrived. This let me take apart his armoured infantry and artillery.

Rob and Starn played a domination mission with 2050 points. There were troops everywhere. I thought Rob was done for -- there was lots of smoke from his tanks burning. But his 5 panthers proved invulnerable, and saved the day!

There was also a great looking X-Wing furball -- I may have to break down and get this game.

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