Monday, June 30, 2014

Bolt Action at the Gaming Garage

Nick vs Patrick, umpired by Jim.

We played a standard 1000 point Bolt Action game using 15mm figures, but otherwise keeping the ranges and rules as is.  Nick had US paratroopers with air support and a M10 tank destroyer.  Patrick had Panzer Grenadiers, a PaK 40, and a Tiger.

The first thing we noticed was that half tracks don't work very well in Bolt Action right now.  We may have to house rule it for future games.

There was an interesting infantry battle for the central village -- a battle that Patrick won by slowly wearing down Nick's paratroopers.  Nick called in air power and took out the PaK 40, intending to have a clear run to send his M10 across the field to the objective.  Patrick moved his Tiger across to block that.  Nick ran the M10 to the other side of the village, where it was immobilised by a Panzerfaust.  However, being US, the airpower came in again, and managed to take out the Tiger.  Nick then ran a squad of paratroops across the open field to the enemy objective to win the game.  Patricks infantry were all on the other side of the village and out of position to block to run to the objective.  Patrick did try a run of his own, as if the paratroops had failed an order response he would have been able to get two squads to his objective and claim victory.

A fun game that came down to the last die roll -- exactly what you want in a game.

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