Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hail Caesar: Rome v. Carthage

Mike wanted to give his new Republican Romans a run.  Jim faced him with Carthaginians.  Mark Umpired.
The Carthaginians are on the near side. 
The battle opened slowly with not much command happening.  The Spanish on the Punic left advanced to be met with a charge by the Roman cavalry. 
The Roman cavalry attack has been seen off by the Spanish with the help of the elephants taken from the centre by Hannibal.  The Punic cavalry has finally got moving, but slowly.  The Gauls in the Punic centre have advanced to help the Spanish v, the Roman's Spanish on the hill. 
 The Romans have counterattacked in the centre smashing a hole in the Gallic line, but the Punic spearmen are in reserve behind the hole.   The Punic cavalry have lapped around the Roman left.
The Punic cavalry charged the end of the Roman line.  They broke 2 units, but lost one themselves.  On the far flank the elephants have finally got moving again to attack the Roman horse.  There's a desperate fight going on in the centre.
The elephants are driving the Roman cavalry back, but they refuse to break.  The Punic centre is giving ground but holding on with high casualties all round.  The Romans have formed a solid line on their left wing that the Punic cavalry aren't game to attack.  Instead they throw in the last fit Gallic unit.
The elephants have finally disposed of the Roman cavalry, but it's too late for them to come back help the centre.  The Cartho's Spanish and Gallic Allies have broken.  There are too many Romans left & the Carthaginians concede.

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Phil said...

Great looking game!