Friday, June 13, 2014

Nick in Launceston -- Operation Cromwell practice

A practice game for operation Cromwell -- Flames of War, 2,500 points (2x 1250 point companies). Rob was American. Nick and Starn were German.

The game was a great game, with the Germans doing a concentrated attack down one flank, but with the Americans playing a very careful and sneaky game with their ambush and reserves. The game was characterised by Starn's interesting die rolls:
- Starn just couldn't roll to get planes on, even with priority air support. I think the planes showed up twice.
- Starn had a spurt of 6's to snipe a bunch of infantry just when it mattered.

In the end the Americans won.  They had been gutted, and would have collapsed to nothing in another turn -- but the Germans just couldn't seal the deal in the 3 hours time - let alone the 2.5 hours for Operation Cromwell.

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Jim Gandy said...

The time limit for Operation Cromwell is one of the things we're testing. Chances are it will be 3 hrs, you need a bit more time than the standard game.