Sunday, June 08, 2014

FOW Operation Cromwell Testing

Rich's Germans comprised a 1145 pts Panzergrenadier Coy & a 1355 Panzer Coy.
Jim's US comprised a 1000 pt Rifle Coy & a 1500 pt Tank Coy.

We tested a variation of a Domination Mission with the Germans defending on a 8'x6' table.  There were five objectives each worth 2 pts if held undisputed 1 pt each if disputed - 1 on each of the 3 central ridges & 1 in each hamlet.  The Germans as defenders deployed 1 coy (the Panzergrenadiers) up to 30 cm forward of the centreline.  They were allowed one immediate ambush.  Their other coy is in reserve.  The reserves were thrown for normally, but their place of arrival was written down at this time (anywhere on rear edge or halfway up sides).  The US then deployed all their forces within 30cm of their table edge & got first move.
The Panzergrenadiers are dug in on the ridge lines.  The US are advancing from the left.
Before the US have really got to grips with the enemy, the 2 German Panzer platoons have both come on turn 3 - one on each flank.
The Panzergrenadiers have pulled back out of sight.  On the left, the US aren't game to go over the top in the face of MkIVs.  In the centre the infantry doesn't dare attack the MG equipped Panzergrenadiers until their numbers are whittled away - a slow process v. dug in vets.  On the right, the MKIII's have come up hull down to take on the TDs.
The German counterattack on the right has driven the US back.  The centre & left remain stalemated.  This was 2.5 hours on & we called time.  The Germans have uncontested possession of 2 objectives, the US have one and two are disputed.  So a 6:4 victory to the Germans.

It was good game, with lots of tactical options for both sides & it felt like the right amount of forces for the table size.  This particular game did look like a hard ask for the attacker, but I don't think the mission is necessarily unbalanced.  In this case, I think I gave the defence too much advantage with 3 ridges to defend plus the German reserves arrived early & exactly at the right places.

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