Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wars of the Roses

Jim's Yorkists v. Mike's Lancastrians

Each army was in three battles totalling about 650 pts. The Yorkists are on the right.
The Yorkist's 3 battles are all 1 knight, 1 sergeant, 2 bows & 2 bills.  The Lancastrians have 4 sergeants on their left, 3 bows, 3 spears & 2 guns in the centre and 2 small crossbow, 3 bows & 3 men at arms on their right.
Both sides advanced with their right.  On the far flank, the Lancastrians tried to take advantage of the over-eager advance of the Yorkist infantry by charging them before the Yorkist cavalry could come up.  It was a good idea, but the dice gods did not favour it & the cavalry were beaten off losing a unit.
The Yorkist cavalry on the far flank finally got some good command and advanced but the enemy sergeants fell back.  The Yorkist centre advanced in support of their right.
The Yorkist cavalry caught up with the Lancastrian cavalry, pushed them back then broke them.  The sweeping advances combined with pressure from the Yorkist infantry centre broke the Lancastrian centre battle causing the army to break.

A classic case of a good plan backed up with hot dice - an unbeatable combination.  It was all over in 1 hour 10 mins.   At least one of the players had a ripping time. 

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