Friday, June 20, 2014

Nick in Launceston -- Dennis's Desperado's and 'Mr Six' Matt

Another night at LGC. Various games being played, but two 'historicals' of interest.

1. Nick vs Dennis in a Western Gunfight using Legends of the Old West and 15mm figures.

Dennis's Desperados had just robbed the local bank. Their horses were hidden in the hills just out of town, and they had to run off board with two of the three bags of loot to win. Unfortunately, Nick had the Texas Rangers, and a few of them had cut off the Desperado's escape route. Meanwhile, additional Rangers were coming around from the side. And there were panicked townsfolk everywhere!

Nick and his Rangers got off to a bad start -- one Ranger had his horse shot out from under him, and another Ranger had his rifle jam. But then using some fire and manoeuvre, shooting between houses and taking shots around the corner of the building, Nick managed to knock down four of the Desperadoes. The Desperadoes were half gone, and had to take a 'Head for the Hills test' each turn. This they managed to pass, while meanwhile failing to hit any of the Rangers with their shooting. At one point a Ranger was between two Desperadoes, and the Desperadoes were shooting at the Ranger (and rolling to see if they also hit the other Desperado), and they still couldn't hit anything. But they kept passing their 'Head for the Hills' test. Then in one turn the remaining Desperados managed to hit and wound 3 of the Texas Rangers. The Texas Rangers then immediately failed their first 'Head for the Hills' test. (It wasn't until I got home that I remembered that the Rangers special rule is 'Grit' -- they get to re-roll 'Head for the Hills' tests.

Picture is the Desperadoes when things looked bleak. You can just see the pistol of one Ranger peaking around the livery stable!  (Buildings are Whitewash City, figures are Peter Pig)

2. Matt vs Rob, in a Flames of War battle,

Matt is new to the club and Flames of War. Rob provided Russians and Germans for the battle, and Matt chose to play Russians.

I famously was a victim of Matt's ability to rolls 6's in his first game of Flames of War. Apparently Matt continued his streak against Rob. Rob came over to me early in the game and remarked about Matt's ability to roll 6's. Then Rob went into a streak of bad die rolls - at one point Rob hit and penetrated every IS-2 in the Russian force with the German tigers, only to fail every firepower test. Rob then failed his tank terror test to assault the IS-2's. I left before the final result, but it was a 5-2 victory to Matt.

P.S. As experienced players, both Rob and I are convinced that the reason we lost was the ability of Matt to roll 6's -- a skill deficit on our side is unthinkable!!! :)

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Matt said...

I can assure you all, that it is a vast majority of luck, which has lead to the wins, Rob had some very unlucky die rolls which would have swung the result in his favor if they had gone the other way.

A great game overall!