Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Operation Cromwell Trial: FOW

Steve's Panzers & Carri (3000 pts)
Mark's US Armour (1500 pts) + Mike's US Rifles (1000 pts)

The US are defending lengthwise on a 8x6 table.  There are 5 objectives on terrain features, 2 on the centre line & 3 further back.  The objectives are worth 2 VPs each (1 each if disputed).  Half the defender's platoons had to be placed within 30cm of the rear edge & as reserves could not fire on move on turn 1. 2 platoons could be ambush.

The attackers started within 60cm of their table edge & got first move.
Mike's infantry looks awfully lonely defending the village.
General Oakford sat back and let Mike do all the work defending the village with some support from some artillery, air & an anti-tank ambush.  Some Carri took the objective on the central ridge then turned left to join the attack on the village.
The GI's defended bravely, but there was too much armour for them to stop it.  The village was taken & the anti-tank guns blown away.  Finally, the Shermans were deployed in ambush on the right & a US counterattack began.   The German second line turned to face it.
The Axis attack on the left continued onto the scrubby hill defended by a Weapons Platoon. 
The panzers took the scrubby hill just before time ran out.  The US armour disputed the central objective on their last turn.   So both sides have 5 VPs for a draw.

The scenario seemed pretty well balanced with the attackers having 3000 pts to the defender's 2500.  We fought for 2.5 hours & there was no decisive result.  I'm not convinced that 3000/2500 is the right number of points.  2500/2000 could well give a better battle by reducing the amount of work without changing the amount of tactical & strategic thinking involved.

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Truscott Trotter said...

2500/2000 points sounds good to me