Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bolt Action at Rich's

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Rich's Soviets

I introduced Rich to Bolt Action with the Demolition Scenario.  In this scenario both sides have one objective & win by having troops adjacent to it at the end of a turn. The Germans are coming on from the left, Soviets from the right.
Rich got a rude introduction to the power of heavy mortars combined with hot dice, losing 3 units to them.  The Germans attacked in two thrusts, one on the far flank and one through the farm with the large field.  On this flank the Soviets got bogged down in a firefight with the Germans and never got near to the German objective.  On the far flank the Germans destroyed the opposition and rushed for the objective with their Luchs & an infantry squad.   Their Luchs got to it only for it to be blown up by a T34.  The infantry squad blundered backwards instead of advancing on the last turn.

As always with Bolt Action an entertaining game, though it ended in a draw.

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