Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hail Caesar: Rome v. Carthage

Jim's Romans v. Mike & Steve's Carthaginians

The Romans are on the left.  They have 2 legions in the centre with Spanish Allies on both flanks.  The Carthaginians have Punic & Numidian cavalry on the far flank, then Spanish allies, Gallic allies and Punic infantry on their left.
The Roman plan of a steady advance was confounded by their allies.  The Spags on the right blundered backwards, while on the left, the Spanish cavalry blundered forward to charge the superior Punic cavalry.
The Spanish cavalry on the left was speedily dispatched by the Punic horse.  The rest of the Carthaginian army stood back and waited for the Romans to be rolled up from the flank.  The Romans felt they had no alternative but to attack before that could happen.  Unfortunately, the left hand legion charged but the right hand one didn't.  Poor combat dice compounded the Roman problems and the advanced legion was soon in trouble.
Too late the right hand legion charged, but again their allies on the right refused to advance.  The attack pushed back some Punic spearmen, but didn't break them while a second Gallic wave broke through.  
The Spanish on the left are still holding off the Punic cavalry which are playing safe, having no need to take risks.  Their comrades on the right have clearly seen the writing on the wall and have blundered backwards.  The Romans are being destroyed in the centre.

This turned into a very easy victory for Carthage.  The Romans had consistently bad luck with command and the Carthaginians did all the right things to make them pay big time.

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