Sunday, July 06, 2014

FOW at Rich's: Veghel Bottleneck

Veghel Bottleneck Mission from Market Garden Firestorm book
Jim's Kampfgruppe Walther v. Rich's Company B, 501 Para's

This is a different and thus interesting scenario.  The forces are set so you have to fight with stuff you might not otherwise choose to use.  There are 3 objectives & the Germans have to take any 2 to win, one by the bridge, one by the village & the third at a second bridge just off the bottom of the pic.  The Germans start with all their force on the table, but squeezed into one corner (far left).  The US srat with some dug in where they want and some in reserve coming on in the near left hand corner.   Both sides have artillery of table.

The Germans sent 2x3 Panther platoons plus infantry down the road to attack the defenders of the bridge and the rest to attack the village.

The infantry attacking the bridge died due to their total lack of 4+ dice in the assault.  The Panthers were wiped out by the 3 bazooka teams when they tried to take the objective before the US support could arrive.  The Stugs did better in the attack around the back of the village. They disputed and almost took the objective there, but ran out of infantry support.  The game ended when the Germans failed a Coy morale test.

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Dead1 said...

Was the placement of that bridge inspired by the infamous Tarkine "road to nowhere?" :P