Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nick in Launceston

Another Thursday evening, another fun game!

Nick vs Rob, in 1500 points Flames of War.

It was supposed to be a Vietnam game, but I couldn't get my Vietnamese ready in time!. So we fell back to good old WWII. I bought an army made from the Open Fire set with three tigers added. Rob had all the fancy Sherman's from one of the new US books.

Now, Rob should have won this. His deployment was better. His planned attack was better, using the terrain the shield his attack. But his dice were worse. Much worse. I cant remember seeing such bad dice. As an example, when launching an assault to take the central objective, Rob just needed to survive defensive fire from six pinned infantry -- but they got 5 hits. When the German StuGs were left in the open in front of some Sherman 76's, Rob just needed a hit or two -- and got 5 misses. When Nick needed reserves they arrived straight away. The tiger ace skill was Rapid Fire. The tigers shooting at Sherman 76's in woods couldn't miss, whereas the Sherman's shooting at tigers couldn't hit.

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