Friday, July 11, 2014

Saga -- as it should be :)

Nick vs Rob.

"Want to play Saga next week? I said.
"Sure" said Rob.
"What would you like to play?" I asked.
"Scots" said Rob.
"Hmmmm" said I!

The problem was I had Scots, but not single based for Saga. But I did have a big Scottish army I painted up in 1990, using the amazing (and now sadly defunct) Thistle and Rose miniatures. The figures are all based for DBx -- on 40mm wide bases. And I was NOT going to rebase!

But all was not lost. A Saga single based fig is based on a 25mm round base. Multiply by 1.5 and you get 37.5mm -- close enough to a 40 mm base. So instead of using a Saga sized table of 4' x 3', a normal 6' x 4' table works well with 40mm based figures. All that was required was a measuring stick with all ranges increased by a factor of 1.5, and we were off to the races.

And personally, I thought it looked amazing too!!!!

The Scots had 3 x Spearmen, 1x Highlanders (levy), 1x Mounted Hearthguard, and 1x Hearthguard. Opposing them were Vikings, with 1x Beserkers, 2x Hearthguard, 2x Bondi, and 1x Archers (Levy).

I wont give details of the battle, but suffice it to say that at the end of turn 6, all that was left of the Scots army was Rob's warlord. But the Vikings had been severely damaged as well. It was Rob's first game of Saga, and he was still learning the battle board. And he rolled an obscene number of 1's and 2's in some critical battles!

A Scotsman presenting a traditional greeting to the Swedish tourists!

Rob contemplates what to do to the Vikings!


Red Dog said...

Looks cool with all the figures you can put out playing at 15mm.

Shaun Travers said...

You know, I have resisted Saga (although it sounds great) as I do not have the figures for it. But I do have 40mm wide based 15mm figures. I had not thought of using them for Saga prior to your post. I think I see a rules purchase soon. Thanks for posting (I think).