Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday Bolt Action at Rich's

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Rich's Soviets
Scenario 4: Hold until relieved, German's defending.

This scenario has one objective on the centreline, in this case a road junction in a village.  The defender ahs 2 units on the table to defend it with half the rest coming on their e table edge on turn 1 & the rest as reserves from turn 2.  The attackers deploy all at the start, but not closer than 18" to objective, or 2 enemy units on the table.

There is no picture of the battlefield because the low winter sun halfway across the table gave too much contrast for the camera to cope with.

The Germans may have been handed too much of an advantage by have the objective in a village, so their 2 defenders were in hard cover from the start.  Rich then erred by putting his T34 & sniper too close to the German table edge.  The German first wave rushed the sniper and pinned down the T34 with bazooka fire.  The T34 never recovered, the Germans kept it pinned down for the duration with fire from their Luchs and howitzer.  They couldn't kill it, but eventually broke the crew's morale with accumulated pins.  The German infantry went past the pinned tank to stop the Soviet infantry adavance on one side of the village with firepower.  Soviet infantry attacks form the other side of the village took one house in a bloody assault where both sides were wiped out, but the other defender one held out and by turn 5 the entire Soviet force had been destroyed.

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