Monday, July 07, 2014

Nick in Launceston -- Saga (again)

More Saga, using 15mm figures. Nick (Viking) vs Dennis (Anglo Danes)

The Vikings had a cunning plan -- charge into the Anglo-Danish left with the hearthguard, destroying the Anglo-Danish Levies. Then wheel about and try to take on the regular Anglo-Danish troops. Unfortunately, the Anglo-Danish levy archers destroyed the hearthguard before they could even get into contact. The Viking beserkers killed a unit, but then died themselves. And then the Viking lord found himself tired and alone out in front of his army. He died a horrible death!

The Anglo-Danes then intimidated the remaining Vikings while they moved into position, and launched an overwhelming attack. It was over quickly, and was a bloody disaster for the Vikings!!!!

But they will be back next week, raiding a Scottish village! Who worries about a few casualties when there is plunder to be had!!!!


Mikko H said...

There's no disaster for Vikings, win or die, it's all good. Valhalla and all that.


Red Dog said...

Ouch! Never mind, they all come back to life at the end, and charging head long into the fray is always the best tactic with the Vikings :-)

Dead1 said...

Thanks for the game Nick!

Have to say it's a very cool system and I enjoyed it immensely.

I am kind of tempted but WWIII and finishing Afghanistan beckons.