Thursday, January 08, 2015

Bolt Action Armour

Jim's Germans v. Chris' Soviets:
1,500 points armoured platoons, Operation Supercharge Scenario.  This was our last chance to check out our Cancon lists before sending them off before tomorrow's deadline.  This scenario is from the Tank War book & is one of the ones selected for Cancon.  It's unique features are that you have to check for mines if you make do Run order (would you believe that your unit ran over a minefield) and there is a possibility of a storm reducing visibility to 12" for the rest of game (yes a 1 from a test each turn does it).  As it happened no one was game to do a run move & after a couple of turns we forgot the storm.

The Germans are coming on from the left, the Soviets on the far side.  The Soviet deployment was too spread out giving the Germans the opportunity to concentrate their fire on one flank.

In 2 turns the Soviets have lost 2 trucks & 2 tanks.

The Panzer's continue to advance.

The Soviet left has been blown away.  The Soviets have lost 7 units, the Germans have lost none - making it a decisive German victory.

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