Tuesday, January 06, 2015

English Civil War

Parliament: Jim & Mark
King: Mike, Steve & Toby

Both sides had 2 cavalry divisions of 4 horse, 2 infantry divisions of 2 pike & 4 shot.  The Kings men had 2 light guns.  Parliament had an extra musketeer unit.  We deployed 1 division at a time drawing coloured dice from a bag Bolt Action style to determine order of deployment.

The King's men are on the right.  Both sides put both cavalry divisions at this end.

 Parliament's cavalry advanced resulting a great cavalry melee on the near flank. 

Things are not going well for parliament.

The right wing of the Parliamentary cavalry has been defeated.  The left wing of their horse salvaged a draw & broke off, but with both flanks threatened have been trying unsuccessfully to withdraw for 3 turns.  The King's foot has advanced to engage the Parliamentary foot, but so far the infantry fight has only been an indecisive exchange of musketry.

The second Parliamentarian cavalry division has been charged in flank and broken.  With 2 of 4 divisions lost before the enemy have lost any, Parliament fail their Army Break Test while their commanders bicker about whose plan it was.

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