Monday, January 05, 2015

Nick's Christmas Painting

Christmas holidays are over, and I am back at work. But over the break I had some serious painting goals. I didn't reach them, but here is a list of what was done:

Some Thracian peltasts

Seleucid cataphracts.  Described by Polybious as 'like statues'

Some roads

British Paratroops

Some mounted archers

Austrian Landwehr

A single archer figure that was floating around

Spanish Scutarii

Hellenestic cavalry

And more Hellenestic cavalry

Austrian casualties

At this point my painting desk was clear of old half done projects. Now to start on the painting goals.

Unfortunately, I only achieved one goal! German forces for the attack on Foy in the Battle of the Bulge -- for use in the Dogs of War competition.

I did get close on goal 2 - US forces for the attack on Foy. Goals 3 and 4 - my WW I armies - will be a panic paint job over the next month!!!!!


Cailus said...

Well done, Nick!

Anonymous said...

pity not 28mm ,would be easier to see and paint