Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hail Richard III

Jim & Steve of York v. Mike & Chris of Lancaster

Both sides had 3 battles of 6 units, including 4 cavalry each.

York's army is on the near side.  Lancaster has 1 battle on his left of the farm and 2 one behind the other on his right.  York is advancing his right to try & crush the enemy left.

York's centre has made good progress, but his right has stopped short and his left is coming under a lot of pressure.

Chris's cavalry is holding up a whole battle on the near flank while his infantry is still holding on.  Steve's battle on York's left is crumbling v. superior numbers.

 Steve's flank battle has broken on the left, while Chris' is still hanging in there on the other flank.

Chris' flank has finally broken.  York's centre is trying to hold the enemy off until his right can be redeployed.

York's counterattack has begun, given a glimmer of hope by the slow advance of the Lancastrian cavalry on the far flank.

Lancaster's horse finally threw a decent command roll and although the York counterattack was gaining ground, the centre battle has broken and with it their army morale.

Tonight we extended our no-saves rule back another era, having tried it in Hail Cromwell last week.  It worked well in this era too.   Our house rules are morphing into two related systems.  We use pretty straight Hail Caesar for ancients, then we have Hail Whoever for all later periods, which is still basically Hail Caesar, but with bits of Pike & Shotte and Black Powder thrown in where appropriate.  Hail Whoever also has no morale saves - we find that they really aren't needed in the gunpowder era where there are only a limited number of troop & armour types, and that the game is speeded up significantly by not having them.  While the Wars of the Roses has some armour, there are only a few troop types and Hail Whoever works ok.  But medievals can be done in either system.

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