Thursday, January 15, 2015

More Bolt Action Practice for Cancon

Jim's Germans v.Chris' Soviets:

1,000 pts infantry, Tank Battles scenario.

The Germans are coming on from the near left edge, Soviets from the far right edge.  There are 3 objectives, one on the bridge, one in the near left hand corner, one in the far right hand corner.  Both sides declined the reserves  flank arch options & brought all onto the table in the first wave.

On the left, a small German infantry unit, an MMG & a howitzer defend the objective while the one Soviet infantry advances through the wood.  On the right one Soviet infantry defends the rear objective while another is advancing on the centre.  The Germans are making a big push towards the bridge.  The Puma has been doing a Marder shuffle keeping the Sherman busy.

On the left the Soviet attack has run out of steam, pinned down at the edge of the wood.  Likewise in the centre.  The Sherman has moved across to help out the centre, but too late to be decisive.  There was no turn 7 & at the end of turn 6, the Germans held 2 of 3 objectives so have won the battle.  They were also ahead on the body count having lost 2 units to 3. 

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Fifey said...

Good luck, how long 'til Cancon?