Thursday, January 01, 2015

Another Afternoon at Black Hills for Hail Caesar

Peter & Chris' Persians v. Jim's Romans

The retired gentlemen's wargamers league had another meeting at the Black Hills this afternoon.  The troops are Peter's old 25mms.  This time we are trying using 120mm as the standard width.

The Romans are on the near side - a cavalry division on the left and 3 infantry divisions.
The Persians have cavalry on their right, then elephants with a horse archer division behind and a larg infantry division on the left.

The Romans charged forward at the Persian foot on the right trying to get to grips before the bowfire could tell.  Their attempt to keep the Persian horse busy with inferior numbers is not going well on the left. In the centre, the division on the hill has advanced to protect the main attack's flank.

On the left only part of the Persian cavalry was needed to dispose of the Roman horse.  The remainder assisted the elephants.  On the right, the Roman foot is getting the upper hand, but the Persian foot is putting up some stiff resistance.  In the centre, the Romans are holding on, but a couple of poor command rolls has left 2 much needed units in the 2nd line out of the action.

 The Roman foot has broken the Persian foot, but the elephants have broken the Roman centre.

The elephants have charged what is now the Roman's left flank and broken it.  The Romans now fail their army break test having lost 3 of 4 divisions.  The Persians have only lost 1 division.

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John Lambshead said...

I do like a game of Hail Caeser - good batrep.