Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Big night at Camp Cromwell

Having 2 games planned & a big turn-out expected tonight, I spent most of the day reversing the second law of thermodynamics to restore some order in the wargames room so both tables were available for play.   We had the biggest turnout for  a long time with the regulars, Jim, Steve, Mark, Mike & Chris supplemented with Dave, Renfry & Nick.

Maharajah 2014 2nd Round Game 2:
Steve's Germans v. Mike's US Bolt Action 1000 pts.
Envelopment Scenario - Germans attacking.

The US are defending the near long edge.

The Germans are making a concentrated attack on the left of the US position.
 The ended on turn 6 with the Germans well in front with 7 VPs to nil with no German units lost.

The battle for the Maharajah Trophy 2014 will be fought between Steve's Germans & Nick's US as soon as we can arrange a date.

Wars Of the Roses
Meanwhile on the big table we had a three players a side Wars of the Roses battle using our Hail Richard III variant of Hail Caesar.  Each player commanded a "battle" of 6 units.

The Yorkist are on the left:  Renfrey commands their left, Mark their centre & Jim their right.
For the Lancastrians: Nick commands their right, Dave their centre & Chris their left.
The number of units was equal, but York had more cavalry & Lancaster more heavy infantry.
Mark & Renfry devised the Yorkist plan while Jim was busy with umpiring duties setting up the battle on the other table.  They made a deployment map in another room while the Lancastrians deployed.  The Yorkist plan put most of the cavalry on their right under Jim's command with orders to attack!

The Yorkist right has surged forward breaking two of Chris' units on the first charge.  In the centre, Mark & Dave have just joined battle.  On the far flank, Renfrey has held back while Nick has advanced only slowly.

The Yorkist right finished off the Lanc's left then wheeled into their centre.  Attacked in front and flank, the Lancastrian centre is in big trouble.

The Lancastrian centre is attacked front, flank and rear & breaks.  With 2 of 3 battles broken the Lancastrian army now breaks.

The Yorkist attack dog has followed his troops around to the other side of the table to attack Dave in flank.

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