Friday, December 19, 2014

Hail Caesar Expedition to the Black Hills

Camp Cromwell's retired gentlemen's league made an expedition to Peter Collidge's shed in the boondocks to initiate him into Hail Caesar.  We fought two small games either side of lunch with Peter's 70's vintage 25mm figures.

Game 1:  Chris & Peter's Gauls v. Jim's Romans

The Gauls are on the far side of the table.  Both side have their cavalry on the near flank.  Both side infantry were keen to advance, but not so their cavalry.

On the left the Romans got the advantage of charging home & are doing well.  In the centre the Gauls got their furious charge in but even so it was win one lose one. 

In the centre the Romans used their superior manoeuvrability to exploit the ragged line caused by the mix of wins & losses to make 2 devastating flank attacks to break the Gallic centre.  The gallis right is still holding on.  The Gallic cavalry despite superior size is being held.

One Roman infantry units is supporting their cavalry while the rest finish off the Gallic infantry on the left to complete a decisive victory for Rome.

Game 2: Jim & Peter's Byzantines v. Chris' Bulgars

The Byzantines are on the near side.  The deployment lead to infantry v. cavalry all along the front.

The Bulgars quickly leaned the hard way the difference between cavalry v. infantry with long spears & cavalry with kontos v. infantry with only short spears.  The Bulgar cavalry attack on the near flank was failure while the Byzantine cavalry attack in the centre quickly made a hole in the Bulgar line.

On the near flank the mixed long spear & bow armed Byzantine infantry are advancing slowly letting the bows do the work.  In the centre the Byzantine cavalry is pressing home their advantage.

The Bulgar centre was broken & their left driven off the table in a decisive Byzantine victory.

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