Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday School 1: FOG Napoleonics at Nick's

FOGN at Nick's

Nick umpired a small introductory game of Field of Glory Napoleonics for Richard (Austrians) & Jim (French).

Richard's Austrians are on the far side.  These armies represent mixed divisions with the units being brigades.  The game is unit based so the figures being in line or column doesn't signify much other than most common formation.   The figures are Nick's 15mm's.

The French deployed their artillery in range of the enemy then waited for them to advance, which being lead by Richard, they did.

On the far flank, the French cavalry drove the Austrian infantry back then attacked their cavalry starting a fight that swilled back & forth some time.  On the near flank the French redeployed their light infantry on the left to bring all muskets to bear.

The cavalry fight on the right has become a stalemate.  The French artillery has routed the Austrian infantry attack in the centre.  Weight of numbers is telling on the Austrian right. 

On the right, the French cavalry rallied faster & then broke the Austrian horse.  On the left, the French have gone on the attack & broken the enemy infantry.  The battle is clearly over as a decisive French victory.

I found playing FOGN a lot better than playing FOG Ancients.  But we were fortunate to have Nick running the game so did not have to actually understand the rules in detail.  It seems that FOGR has many of the faults of FOGA - like badly laid out & poorly explained rules with no index.   But it did feel like a Napoleonic battle & I felt that good tactics were rewarded.

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