Friday, December 12, 2014

Nick in Launceston

A very close game of Flames of War between Nick and Rob.  The Launceston Gaming Club facebook page has pictures: . For once, The FHH Panzers didn't have a horde of tanks get around their flanks and destroy them!!!  So they got a 4:3 win!

The club was packed -- I wish I could predict turnout.  Some days there are two tables in use, and some days all tables are out and in use within seconds of the 7:00 pm start!  A lot of Fantasy and 40K games, but Dennis and Daniel did a fantastic Force on Force game.  Apparently Daniel lost very early on when the 'Golden BB' (destroy any vehicle being shot at) random event took out his Bushmaster.  He persevered, only to have another random event remove his other armoured vehicle!


Dead1 said...

Gotta love games with completely random madness.

The Fog of War cards were coming through in droves - we had at least half a dozen as opposed to 1-2.

And as stated, they resulted in one ASLAV destroyed and another one recalled in addition to Bushmaster taken out by scenario mine strike.


Cailus said...

Mind you, the end result was 15 VP for Taliban and 10 for the Aussies, which considering the circumstances was a good result.

More so when in our last game (playing the same scenario but swapped sides), the Taliban scored 26 vs Aussie's 6 (see link below for the AAR))

A battle report for this recent game will be published in the near future.